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Past Life Connection

 I have a deep connection to the earth and water. I have a very emotional connection to the Native American culture. Do you have a deep/emotional connection that you feel has been with you since day one of this life? It may just be that this was a huge part of you in a previous life!! I am a firm believer in reincarnation. I have experienced things that cannot be explained. I have Shamanically journeyed and saw that I was a Native American girl who was very close to her father as my mother died when I was young in that life. When my father passed away, I was alone and very emotionally upset that my father had passed, I had no mother, or siblings and was left "behind". This is where I get extremely emotional as I still yearn for that connection with my father and Native life. I had someone do a past life reading for me and they said this same exact story to me. Someone I have never met or known had told me what I had already Shamanically journeyed and saw for myself. If this doesn't speak volumes, I do not know what does. What is your deep connection that you cannot really put your finger on?? It may just be a connection of your past life!
Cleansing with Epsom Salts
Cleansing with Epsom Salts are a more gentle way to cleanse energies when individuals have breathing ailments. It does the same cleansing as traditional smudging, but without the physical upset. Not to mention it is beautiful to gaze at! :-)

Throat Chakra Crystal Grid

Crystal Grids, they are energetically so empowering and the energies felt are beyond words!

A crystal grid made for my throat chakra cleanse and flush. It's beautiful!!


I hike frequently and trees are filled with energies that are healing. Literally hugging a tree or simply sitting up against one will help balance your energies and help you remain grounded and feeling refreshed. Don't forget to thank them as everything is alive and has it's own entity. Giving gratitude often helps aid in all good things in return.


Angels and guides are ALWAYS with us. I call upon angels and my guides to help aid me in the right direction and in times of need. They are a huge part of my life. I am truly grateful and when the ego gets the best of me at times, I call upon them to find my true inner voice. The ego really is in my humble opinion, the root of all evil and chaos. Many of us struggle with this. Even as I am an ordained minister, it pops up every now and again. This is when I look towards the angels, my guides and heightened spiritual teachers such as the Dalai Lama, Mother Theresa, etc. for great guidance.
Just know, when things are tough and you feel alone, know, that you truly are NEVER alone! :-)