Chanzas Loving Light

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I do not charge much because this experience is about you! It has been stated to me by spirit that my purpose in life is to help others with these gifts. To spread the Love and Light. With that, it is my pleasure and honor to help shine and balance that beautiful Love and Light within you! God Bless



If you feel like you are not yourself and are having thoughts that are not of your own, then most likely you have an energy attachment or possession. Also, if you  are feeling pains or some sort of physical symptoms that doctor's cannot explain, chances may be that you have an energy attachment.  (REMEMBER, ALWAYS SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE FIRST AND FOREMOST!!) With the energy extraction, I will Shamanically extract what is attached to you. This is done with absolute Love and respect, none of the extractions are done with any kind or type of negativity. Negative breeds negative. Shamanic extractions are an amazing and well respected way to remove attachments/possessions. Energy attachments happen more often than people think. I have personally seen many energy attachments happen very often and happen most often with sensitives. If any of this sounds familiar, then an energy extraction may be what can help you.

Cost: $20.00


I have been guided to do Shamanism by my guides. A family member had asked a while back if I knew anything about Shamanic healing. It was then that I catapulted into Shamanism and feel that all Divine guidance was practically writing it on the wall, "Shamanic healing is your calling". Shamanism is the most ancient path of spiritual and physical healing. It has been around for thousands upon thousands of years. Medical doctors are just now realizing the benefits of Shamanism and more and more MD's are integrating this method of healing in their practices. Shamanism is a form of shifting consciousness that allows the Shaman to move from ordinary reality to non-ordinary reality. Everything is alive and everything has spirit. Shamanism works with these energies for the betterment of the individual being healed. Shamanism is very intense and helps restore spiritual and physical health.  During such a healing; guides, elders, etc. work to cleanse you and/or extract whatever is negatively attached to you. They all do this Lovingly. The extractions help with removing possessions, negative attachments and cord cutting.

COST: $20



I can perform this distant or in person. Many spirits are simply just misunderstood. Many are immediately labeled as "evil". This most often is not the case. This label is often given, out of fear of the unknown. At times when transition comes to call, some are confused, unaware that they had passed, or are sticking around for one reason or another. Also, there are some "hauntings" that are not intelligent hauntings, but residual energies from previous experiences that have happened in that place many moons ago. As I have stated before, everything is energy. With the house cleansing, I will either send out a distant cleanse, or go physically to cleanse. I must state that if a spirit is not ready to go and needs to finish whatever they need to do, I cannot force them as it would be morally wrong. If their soul has something else that they need to do as part of their lesson that they were unable to do in the physical, it is not right of me to interfere. It is for their soul's growth, which is why all of us are here, to learn for soul's knowledge. If this be the case, I would just communicate some concerns that the inhabitants have with their hauntings. Many are understanding and comply.

COST: $15



I am a certified direct lineage Reiki Master/Teacher. Reiki is "Rei" universal or spiritual "Ki" energy. This is the universal energy coming through me, not from me. I will never take credit for the Reiki messages received nor the healing that takes place in a session. The ego shall never get in the way. I truly am honored to be a channel for such loving energy. NEVER does Reiki ever cause harm. It is pure loving energy.  Once receiving a Reiki session, you will feel relaxed, possible cessation of pain, tingling, warmth, coolness in areas where the healing/balance of energies are needed most. Sometimes nothing is felt at all by the recipient, and only messages come through. Every session is different. This session can be done hands on or distant. Many have mentioned they feel more with hands on, whatever the case may be, the healing energy that comes through is truly all the same, as it is Universal Energy coming through. 


I am VERY happy to perform hands on Reiki for animals. Animals are VERY open and receive the loving Reiki energy openly and have far better results and amazing healing benefits than we humans do. There is no ego or closed minds with animals. We tend to be more skeptical and fearful. When working with animals who are physically unwell, when performing Reiki, they most often invite it in such time of need. I have seen miraculous results in performing Reiki on animals and have seen animals at emaciated states come back full of life and healthy in such a short time. With small animals, within minutes, the larger the animal, the longer it takes I have noticed. In some cases, multiple Reiki Practitioners are needed in any healing that is needed whether with animals or people. I can have many Reiki friends willing to help when multiple practitioners are needed.


COST: $15